Free Solo: A New Musical

“Free solo”

A form of climbing which the individual performs alone and without the use of any ropes or other protective equipment.

Hazel was fourteen years old when her father, the world-renowned free solo climber John Robinson, fell to his death.

Eleven years later, Hazel discovers her dad’s old climbing journal. As she flicks through the pages, her memories draw her back into her childhood. A childhood in which Hazel’s family went on camping trips around the world. A childhood in which Hazel’s dad would climb mountains while she and her mum watched on wide-eyed. A childhood in which John was Spiderman; and nothing ever happens to superheroes.

Hazel begins to trace a path through these memories, ecstatic to relive the ups of her life with her dad, reluctant to remember the downs. She finds that the more she discovers about her father, the more she wants to understand who he really was. Why was he so compelled to climb? Why couldn’t he stop? Why would he choose to risk everything he had? All this leads Hazel to the inevitable question: Is she going to be her father?

Free Solo is a new musical about family, overcoming fear, and following in your parents’ footsteps.

3rd August 2017

We have just finished our Camden Fringe run of Free Solo: A New Musical. We saw an amazing turn out, and we are proud of the production we put on. We were joined by a work experience student from Arts Emergency (for more information see here) who was a delight to work with and who will go far.

Our trailer for our shows at the Tristan Bates Theatre will be up soon, and tickets for that are available here.

1st June 2017

Tickets are now on sale for our Camden Fringe run of Free Solo: A New Musical! They are available here.

21st May 2017

Today we had a read through of our hour-long musical! It went brilliantly. Thanks to Emma Brown, Shaun Prendergast and Ruth Sheffer for bringing the words to life. Here are some photos from the day:

7th May 2017

Photo shoot for images to use for the production went well. Here’s a close up of our climber’s hand.


April 2017

We are happy to announce that Free Solo is going to be performed at the Hen and Chickens as part of the Camden Fringe. More details to follow.

February 2017

Free Solo, written by Jack Godfrey and Celine Snippe, was performed as a 20 minute extract as part of Goldsmiths’ First Look Festival on Wednesday 22nd February.

The cast included (in order of appearance):
Emma Brown as Hazel Robinson
Andrew Phipps as John Robinson
Emma O’Gara as Jessica Robinson
Katie Morel-Orchard as Alex Harvey

Direction and Choreography by Nick Leos
Musical Direction and piano by Abby-Kate Batchelor
Guitar and kick drum by Jack Godfrey