Romance of the West Chamber

Set in the Tang Dynasty of China, Romance of the West Chamber is a story of the secret love affair of Zhang Sheng, a young scholar and Cui Yingying, the daughter of the late State Councillor.

When taking her father’s body to its final resting place in the monastery the two meet and instantly fall in love. With the help of Hong Niang, the maid, the two lovers correspond surreptitiously against the wishes of Cui Yingying’s mother.

Tensions arise when the powerful bandit, Sun Feihu, leads a group of gangsters to siege the monastery, demanding Cui Yingying to be one of his consorts. If she does not agree, he will destroy the monastery and kill all those inside.

Tasked between love, honour and survival, Zhang Sheng sets out to overcome many challenges to win the hand of his love, whilst Cui Yingying must choose between her head and her heart.

With music and dance inspired by Chinese Opera, our writers have taken a famous Chinese story and brought it to the western stage through musical theatre.

13th September 2017

With just one day left of rehearsals, we would like to share some images of our hard work over the past two weeks from the rehearsal rooms!

5th September 2017

Tech run is just a week away, with our first performance in only 9 days! So with this in mind, we would like to introduce our amazing cast who will be performing Romance of the West Chamber (Xi Xiang Ji) for the last time this year at The Tristan Bates Theatre. We hope you love them as much as we do!


In order of picture:

Emily Ooi – Cui Yingying
Zheng Xi Yong – Zhang Sheng
Denis Rai – Qin Tong
Danyan Li – Hong Niang
Haisheng Chen – Sun Feihu/Biao Ge

2nd September 2017

After our previews at The Lion and Unicorn we have done some extensive rewrites ready for our run at the Tristan Bates Theatre as part of the Take Note Festival. Rehearsals are in full swing and with 3 new cast members we can’t wait to share with you all of our hard work!

Tickets are now on sale. Get Them Here!!

Tristan Bates Poster (2)-page-001

13th – 15th August 2017

* Pictures from camden – TBC *

Our previews of Romance of the West Chamber at the Camden Fringe Festival were a great opportunity to see the show in its entirety and in the right setting. There is much room for improvement but we are all so happy and proud with how everything went!

Special shout out to our cast and everyone who came out to support us!

Performed at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre as part of The Camden Fringe Festival.

Producer – Erenie Mavrommatis
Music – Puzhen Jia
Book & Lyrics – Cai Fangtian

Cast (in order of appearance):
Hong Niang –  July Yang
Ciu Yingying – Emily Ooi
Zhang Sheng –  Jonathan Parr
Monk Hui/Qin Tong/Abbot – Denis Rai
Old Mistress  – Amanda Gerrard

Directed by Peizhi Zheng
Choreography by Yaxi Cheng
Set Design by Baoyi Liang

28th July 2017

As we come into our second week of rehearsals we would like to share some images with you from the rehearsal room!



17th July 2017

As our show evolves during its rehearsal period, so does our imagery. And so, we have created a new design which we feel encompasses our show. We hope you all like it!

Xi Xiang Ji Image - Plain

27th June 2017

Today we had our first table read of our new hour-long musical! It went really well and we can’t wait to get it on it’s feet!. Thanks to July Yang, Catherine Chalk and Peizhi Zeng for bringing the words to life. Here are some photos from the day:



8th June 2017

Check out our new image which will be used as the face of our production. We are so pleased with the result! (Artist – Steph Jones)


1st June 2017

Tickets are now on sale for our Camden Fringe run of Xi Xiang Ji (Romance of the West Chamber)! Get them here.

12th May 2017

We are happy to announce that Xi Xiang Ji (Romance of the West Chamber) will be performed as part of The Camden Fringe Festival, at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town, this summer! Keep a close eye for more information to follow!

February 2017

Xi Xiang Ji, written by Cai Fangtian and Jia Puzhen, was performed as part of the Goldsmiths’ First Look Festival on Wednesday 22nd February.

The cast included (in order of appearance):

Hong Niang played by July Yang
Ciu Yingying played by Alphina Wu
Zhang Sheng played by David Black

Directed & Produced by Erenie Mavrommatis
Choreography by Xiao Wen
Musical direction and piano by Jia Puzhen
Alto Flute by Lin Lin